Framus 06111 Texan, 1974

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Instrument: Framus 06111 Texan 12, stamped 74 H, i.e. from August 1974. With these series... more
Framus 06111 Texan, 1974

Framus 06111 Texan 12, stamped 74 H, i.e. from August 1974. With these series guitars there are large, especially tonal variations, resulting from the choice of materials. Because what came off the assembly line was processed, a targeted selection did not take place. Therefore, it always takes a little luck to get hold of one of the "good" pieces. This is certainly one of those lucky hits! In the rarer natural finish with light top and dark body. Back then, the Texan was one of Framus' top sellers from the company's best days and at times the best selling acoustic guitar in the world, today it is already a rarity in good condition. A timeless classic and sixties design icon.

Fine grained spruce top, clear lacquered, maple back and sides, dark stained in mahogany style. The neck is made of two pieces of maple throughout, including the headstock. Fingerboard made of East Indian rosewood with pearloid dot inlays in five frets, a truss rod is of course standard in 1974. Beautiful rosewood tailpiece in the moustache shape made famous by Gibson. Open, nickel-plated Framus tuners, black pickguard. Like all Texans a solid and huge guitar!

Instruments history:
Unknown. We took it over in early 2022 as part of a small collection of German guitars from an older hobby guitarist who had to downsize his collection due to moving, but no longer knew where he got the Framus. According to him, however, it never left his living room during the at least 30 years he owned it.

Restoration work:
All lacquer surfaces were carefully cleaned and polished, the interior of the body was freed from decades-old dust. Fingerboard and frets we stripped and oiled or polished. Some shallow marks in the fingerboard we filled permanently and stably. Tuners disassembled, polished and re-oiled, replaced the rusty and screwed up tuner screws with matching new ones. All hardware parts including screw heads were carefully polished. Finally, a set of new strings, a basic setup - that's it.

Current condition:
There were once thousands of them. But now they are becoming fewer and fewer, especially in this beautiful condition. Here everything is original, stable, sturdy and works perfectly. Fretboard and frets are like new again. The body shows quite a few tiny scratches here and there, little enough after almost 50 years of guitar life and completely normal and harmless. At the neck pocket a piece of wood was replaced, why and by whom we do not know. Hardly noticeable and has no disadvantages. The nickel-plated hardware shines like new. Playability is really very easy, thanks to the very low string action and the modern contoured neck. The sound is fantastic even for a Texan! Warm, woody and silvery, as it should be for a good 12-string. At the same time very open and transparent and with a fast response. You don't get that with new guitars and also many Texans sound more limited - see above. Here, everything just fits! Of course, everything is completely free of cracks, breaks, dents or other serious damage. The guitar fits from the level and quality in any collection, but can also be played intensively immediately.

Overall length 42.9”/109 cm; body length 19.9”/50,5 cm; lower bout width 15.7”/40 cm; waist width 10.8”/27,5 cm; upper bout width 11.6”/29,5 cm; body depth 3.9”/10 cm; scale length 24.8”/63 cm (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 1.9”/4,7 cm at zero fret, 2.3”/5,8 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.390 g, string action on 12th fret 0.08”/2 mm (adjustable).

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