Framus 06101 Texan 12, 1972

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Instrument: Framus 06101 Texan 12, stamped 72 G, i.e. from July 1972. Classic finish in... more
Framus 06101 Texan 12, 1972

Framus 06101 Texan 12, stamped 72 G, i.e. from July 1972. Classic finish in "shaded brown". At that time, the Texan was one of Framus' top sellers from the company's best days and at times the best-selling acoustic guitar in the world, today it is already a rarity in good condition. As a '72 it still has the beautiful rosewood bridge. A timeless classic and sixties design icon.

Fine grained and bookmatched spruce top. Maple back and sides, the back is slightly arched and also bookmatched. The neck, including the headstock, is made of the indestructible beech multiply wood. It has a fingerboard of East Indian rosewood with pearloid dot inlays in five frets, a truss rod is fitted and of course standard in 1972. Beautiful rosewood tailpiece in the moustache shape made famous by Gibson. Open, nickel-plated Framus tuners, black pickguard. Like all Texans a solid and great guitar!

Instruments history:
Unknown. We got it from a private owner, but he had not played it for a long time. Unfortunately, probably due to years of dryness, a crack about 20 cm long had appeared in the upper, massive side. Some previous user had tried to repair it with Uhu (ouch!), which of course didn't work. But the wood was not deformed and a good base for the repair. The guitar was certainly not used much, the immaculate condition of the frets and fingerboard prove it.

Restoration work:
First we removed the Uhu residues on the side and glued the long crack cleanly. Inside, a piece of maple veneer was glued over the entire length of the crack - so nothing will ever open up here again. We professionally restored the lacquer surface with polishing varnish. The body now sounds and vibrates perfectly again. All lacquer surfaces were carefully cleaned and polished, the inside of the body was blown out. The fingerboard and frets were sanded, oiled and polished. The tuners were disassembled, polished and re-oiled, all hardware parts including screw heads were carefully polished. Finally, the Texan got a set of new strings and a setup.

Current condition:
There were once thousands of them. But in the meantime they are becoming fewer and fewer, especially in this uniquely beautiful condition. Here, everything is original, stable, solid and works perfectly. Fingerboard and frets are like new. The body shows a few tiny dents and scratches here and there, but after almost 51 years of guitar life, they are completely negligible and totally harmless. The nickel-plated hardware shines like new. Playability is simple and easy, thanks to the low action and the modern contoured neck. The sound is excellent: warm, woody and brilliant in the trebles, as befits a good 12-string. At the same time very open and transparent and with a fast response. You don't get that with new guitars and even many Texans sound more restrained. The guitar is a real Framus classic and fits into every collection in terms of quality, but can also be played intensively right away. Were you born in 1972? Here is your opportunity!

Overall length 43.3”/110 cm; body length 19.9”/50,5 cm; lower bout width 15.7”/40 cm; waist width 10.8”/27,5 cm; upper bout width 11.6”/29,5 cm; body depth 3.9”/10 cm; scale length 24.8”/63 cm (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 1.9”/4,7 cm at zero fret, 2.2”/5,7 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.490 g, string action on 12th fret 0.08”/2 mm (adjustable).

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