Framus 5/196 Texan, 1971

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Instrument: The Framus Texan was THE German acoustic flat top guitar in the sixties and into... more
Framus 5/196 Texan, 1971

The Framus Texan was THE German acoustic flat top guitar in the sixties and into the early seventies and a real design icon. 6- and 12-string models sold by the thousands, mostly in the "brown shaded" finish offered here. But countless have already disappeared or are circulating in pitiful condition on eBay, good models are slowly becoming rare. Nevertheless, they are still a bargain on the vintage market. Our guitar is stamped 71E, so it dates from May 1971.

Massive spruce top, bookmatched construction. Maple sides and back, the back is arched. Neck made of the indestructible, thousandfold proven and very elaborately produced multiply beech wood with black lacquered headstock. Fingerboard and tailpiece made of beautiful East Indian rosewood, the neck with truss rod, the fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays. Four-ply celluloid pickguard with Framus engraving; open tuners.

Instruments history:
Unknown. The guitar was part of a collection of Framus acoustic guitars assembled between 2005 and 2010. For reasons of space, it was given away at the beginning of 2021. When we got it, it was inappropriately and ugly "optimised": The tuners were cheap Schaller copies from the Far East, a no-name pickup made of black plastic was mounted in the sound hole and the jack socket was in the lower bout.

Restoration work:
The guitar was completely cleaned, the body was blown out and all lacquer surfaces were extensively retouched and polished. We closed and retouched the old drill holes for the pickup and the hole for the jack socket. We filled the much too large holes for the cheap tuners with wooden dowels, repainted the headstock and then drilled matching holes again for the appropriate tuners. We installed new Framus tuners from the vintage series, they correspond exactly to the originals. We supplemented them with six old new-old-stock tuners from our inventory. Fretboard and fretsticks were sanded, the frets polished, the fretboard oiled. Finally, new 11" phosphor bronze strings from Pyramid were mounted and a basic setup was carried out.

Current condition:
This beautiful Texan is a veteran with playing marks and now back in original condition. It sounds wonderful, as only a much played old guitar can sound. Very warm and with lots of wood, balanced and harmonious with a long sustain. Thanks to the low string action, the Framus is very easy to play. There are quite a few minor scratches and dents, but these are only superficial and do not affect the quality of the guitar. The fingerboard and frets are flawless and everything else is in perfect working order. The guitar is of course completely odourless and clean. We love guitars with real patina and this is one of those beautiful specimens. Simply a 51 year old acoustic guitar in top use condition. A player for all days, but also no Framus collection is complete without a Texan.

Overall length 106 cm/41.7”; body length 50,5 cm/19.9”; lower bout width 40 cm/15.7”; waist width 27,5 cm/10.8”; upper bout width 29,5 cm/11.6”; body depth 10 cm/3.9”; scale length 63 cm/24.8” (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 4,2 cm/1.6” at zero fret, 5,2 cm/2” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.300 g; string action on 12th fret 1-2 mm/0.04-0.08”.

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