Höfner 4890 Blue Grass, 1984

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Instrument: The 4890 was a guitar in the middle Höfner price segment and one of the brand's... more
Höfner 4890 Blue Grass, 1984

The 4890 was a guitar in the middle Höfner price segment and one of the brand's most popular models. It was sold hundreds of times between 1969 and 1985, in Great Britain under the name Blue Grass. Ours dates from 1984 and is therefore one of the last 4890s to be built.

Höfner guitars from this period are famous for their exquisite woods, all of which come from the company's own sawmill. Our 4890 also has a very fine-grained, bookmatched spruce top and beautifully flamed maple sides and back. These are stained dark brown. Inside, the laminated guitar is made of light-coloured mahogany veneer. The set-in neck is elaborately crafted from two solid pieces of maple, full-length including the headstock and also stained dark brown. It has a truss rod and a rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays in seven frets, the headstock is lacquered black with a large Höfner logo made of lacquered gold foil. The bridge is also made of rosewood. The bridge inlay and nut are made from cow bone. The body is surrounded by black bindings, some of which are multi-layered. The typical soundhole rosette has light-coloured pearloid inlays. The high-quality Roko single tuners are fully covered.

Instruments history:
The guitar was bought by the first owner in 1984 as a second instrument and addition to his Framus Dix, including the original case. He then played it for many years as his main guitar and at some point had the saddle and bridge inlay made from bone and fitted to optimise the sound. Everything else on the guitar is in its original condition. As he stopped playing guitar about five years ago, he offered us the Höfner - and with such a beautiful set, we were happy to take it.

Restoration work:
We cleaned the guitar completely and thoroughly and blew out the body. We also carefully vacuumed the case. All lacquered surfaces were polished and the fingerboard was straightened and oiled, the frets were also levelled and polished. We dismantled the tuners, cleaned them, re-oiled them and polished the surfaces. Finally, the guitar was given a set of new Pyramid bronze strings in size 011" and a setup - that was all we had to do.

Current condition:
The guitar shines with a wonderful, deep glow and beautiful, elegant appearance. In 40 years, it has hardly had any scratches or dents, not even the pickguard shows any significant traces of plectrum playing. The fingerboard and frets are as good as new, the neck is straight as a die, the string action is pleasantly low and completely buzz-free. Only on the upper edge of the pickguard, under the strings, there is probably a bit of factory botch-up, you can see a tiny edge of glue and a few scratches, as if the pickguard had slipped a little during gluing. However, this is not noticeable and cannot be photographed well. The sound is loud and full, with thick basses and brilliant trebles - you can't expect that much range from every dreadnought. Thanks to the modern neck profile and very low string action, the 4890 is child's play. It can be "the one", a marvellous beginner's guitar, a workhorse for every day or a collector's item - because there are not many good 4890s left, in this complete condition they are rarities. In any case, it is immediately ready for use and anyone looking for a 4890 should not wait for a better one - because there isn't one.

Overall length 104 cm/40.9”; body length 50 cm/19.7”; lower bout width 39,5 cm/15.6”; waist width 27 cm/10.6”; upper bout width 29 cm/11.4”; body depth 10,5 cm/4.1” at neck, 12 cm/4.7” at lower bout; scale length 64 cm/25.2” (nut to saddle); fingerboard width 4,5 cm/1.8” at nut, 5,5 cm/2.2” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.030 g; string action on 12th fret 1,5-2 mm/0.06-0.08”.

These black plywood cases were supplied by Höfner with the guitar on request and at extra cost. They are very sturdy and well lined with grey plush. Ours is in almost perfect condition, you can see that it must not have left the house very often. Unfortunately, the key is no longer there. It also comes with the original guitar guarantee card and operating instructions.

Purchase and payment:
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