Klira Little Rock 200M, 1977

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Instrument: The Little Rock is part of the uncompromising quality offensive that Klira... more
Klira Little Rock 200M, 1977

The Little Rock is part of the uncompromising quality offensive that Klira attempted in the seventies, but without being able to avert the threat of bankruptcy. The German manufacturers were too sure of themselves at the end of the sixties, the massive competition from Japan was completely underestimated and this ended up costing an entire industry its existence. Even the fantastic Western models such as Caramba, Rancho, Red River and even Little Rock could not change this, they came too late. In 1982, after an agonising process of contraction, Klira finally had to file for bankruptcy. Nobody wanted Klira guitars back then, so few found a buyer and these marvellous models never received the recognition they still deserve today. For us, these are some of the best acoustic guitars made in Germany at the time - and they stand up to or win any comparison with a seventies Martin, Ibanez or Yamaha! Ours has the date stamp 5 May 1977.

The Little Rock has a top made of Alpine spruce, sides and back are made of German maple, stained in a medium brown colour. The back was already in the modern bowed-back shape at the time. The neck is also elaborately crafted from two massive pieces of maple, continuous including the headstock and also stained medium brown. It has a truss rod and a rosewood fingerboard with large pearloid dot inlays in eight frets, the headstock is painted black with a large Klira-K. This can also be found on the black pickguard. The entire guitar has a silk matt finish - very innovative at the time. The bridge is made of rosewood, it has a height-adjustable bridge and cream-white string pins. A thick, cream-white binding runs around the top, along with a soundhole ornament made of real wood strips. The open tuners are high-quality, chrome-plated Schaller tuners.

Instruments history:
Unknown. What is certain, however, is that the guitar was played diligently, as evidenced by the beautiful patina and the loud, open sound. We discovered this rare instrument in a local advert and had to snap it up immediately.

Restoration work:
There wasn't much to do here. We cleaned the guitar completely and thoroughly and blew out the body. All the lacquered surfaces were polished and the fingerboard was levelled and oiled, the frets were also levelled and polished. The tuners were dismantled, cleaned, re-oiled and the surfaces polished. Finally, the guitar was fitted with a set of new Pyramid bronze strings in size 011" and a setup was done.

Current condition:
The Klira reminds us of early Lakewood guitars: headstock shape, bowed-back construction and, above all, the sound. It is one of the best we have ever heard on a dreadnought! Powerful, transparent, completely open, brilliant highs, pronounced woody mids and a fat bass in unique harmony - the sound of the Little Rock is more like a Big Mountain and actually plays in the 2,000-dollar guitar league. The look in harmonious cream cake tones is very modern and high-quality thanks to the matt finish, while the traces of use on the top give the guitar a unique and authentic patina. It has not suffered any damage in 47 years. The fingerboard and frets are perfect again after dressing, the tuners are smooth-running and tuning stable - the whole guitar works perfectly and without defects. With its straight neck, high frets and low action, the Klira plays like a brand new, modern guitar. You don't need more than this one acoustic guitar, it fulfils every wish and is still a bargain considering its performance. If you are looking for a high-end acoustic guitar with a lot of spirit, but don't mind the lack of reputation of the almost forgotten brand, there is no way around the Klira.

Overall length 103,5 cm/40.7”; body length 50,5 cm/19.9”; lower bout width 40,5 cm/15.9”; waist width 28,5 cm/11.2”; upper bout width 30 cm/11.8”; body depth 9,5 cm/3.7” at neck, 12 cm/4.7” at lower bout; scale length 64 cm/25.2” (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 4,2 cm/1.7” at zero fret, 5,2 cm/2” at 12th fret; overall weight 1.870 g; string action on 12th fret 2 mm/0.08” (adjustable).

Purchase and payment:
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