Framus 5/151-52 TV Star Bass, 1966

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Instrument: The TV Star Bass, like the Atlantik basses, is a completely original Framus design... more
Framus 5/151-52 TV Star Bass, 1966

The TV Star Bass, like the Atlantik basses, is a completely original Framus design and perhaps the most beautiful development. Stamped 66 D, so from April 1966, in three-colour sunburst. A real thinline with hollow body and arched top and back. Medium 76 scale. These instruments were extremely successful for Framus and remained in the range for about 10 years from 1963. Many bassists learned their business on an Atlantik or TV Star Bass, but especially the then expensive Star Bass models have largely disappeared and became very rare in the past decades.

Body made of laminated maple, top made of massive spruce, the neck made of the elaborately manufactured, super-stable and almost indestructible laminated beech wood, neck and headstock made in one piece throughout. Fingerboard made of very dark rosewood with dot inlays of pearloid and side dots in six frets. Open, large Framus single tuners with cream-white nylon grips.

Two of the legendary Framus P90 single-coil pickups, individually switchable on and off, each with separate volume control and a master tone control. It's easy to use and that's all you need for rich and versatile bass sounds. Actually, the two on/off switches are superfluous. The fully compensatable bridge has a mechanical damper for nice, dry background sounds.

Instruments history:
The bass was probably a player all its life and was played diligently, but fortunately it was never tampered with, it is completely original. We can't say exactly what its history was, we took it over three years ago as part of a larger collection.

Restoration work:
Complete, thorough cleaning, sanding and oiling of the fretboard, sanding and polishing of the fretsticks, extensive bale polishing of all lacquer surfaces and polishing of all hardware. We touched up a few small dents. A piece of perforated metal from the DIY store was mounted on the headstock to hold the strings down. We replaced this with an original Framus part and retouched the unsuitable drill holes. The tuners were completely disassembled, cleaned and re-oiled. Finally, new 45" Pyramid roundwound strings were mounted and a proper setup was done.

Current condition:
If you're looking for a classic rock bass in a timeless sunburst look with a bit of authentic patina, this is the one for you. The TV Star Bass impresses with powerful sounds from soft to crisp, not a bit dull, and surprisingly versatile. The bridge pickup even allows aggressive slappings. The other end of the range is discreet background rhythms in the dance band with neck pickup and damper. This Star Bass can do it all. It exudes the classic sixties look, but you can't tell it's over 57 years old by its condition. It is completely original and unmodified, even the bridge cover, which can be removed in one easy step, is still there. Most bassists disposed of this part the first time they used the instrument. Fretsticks and fingerboard are flawless. A collector's item or highlight for the stage with definitely more cult status than most new bass guitars.

Overall length 46,1”/117 cm; body length 18,9”/48 cm; lower bout width 15”/38 cm; waist width 9,4”/24 cm; upper bout width 12,2”/31 cm; body depth 2”/5 cm; scale length 30,1”/76,5 cm (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 1,4”/3,5 cm at nut, 1,8”/4,5 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.890 g, string action on 12th fret 0,08-0,12”/2-3 mm (adjustable).

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