Framus 5/168-54 Strato De Luxe, 1968

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Instrument: The Strato was the Framus standard solidbody in the sixties and a formally... more
Framus 5/168-54 Strato De Luxe, 1968

The Strato was the Framus standard solidbody in the sixties and a formally independent development. It is reminiscent of the Fender Jaguar, but in terms of quality and features it clearly exceeds the role model. The De Luxe models are equipped with the most sophisticated electromechanical technology and especially our 5/168-54 is fully equipped with organ effect, preamp, vibrato and string damper. Our guitar bears the date stamp 68A, so it was built in January 1968. Anyone who could afford this top-of-the-line Framus model in 1968 was an instant guitar hero in the rehearsal room and on stage.

The body is made in layered construction, mostly of ash or basswood, top and back here have a veneer layer of subtly patterned bird's eye maple. The neck is made of the indestructible and complex to manufacture laminated beech wood. The rosewood fingerboard has pearloid dot inlays as well as side markers in five frets. Stylistically striking and absolute zeitgeist is the almost complete covering of the front with perloid pickguard and chromed switch plates.

3 Framus P90 single-coil pickups are controlled by extensive technology. There is a switchable preamp with battery compartment on the back of the body. In addition, the volume lever that can be switched on and off, at that time called "organ effect". Two volume and tone controls as well as various pickup switching options, bass cut and treble booster via four sliders are together almost more than the heart desires. You have to get to grips with these countless control and sound options, which are not intuitive. But once you've got the hang of it, the possibilities are overwhelming. Of course, we provide a detailed explanation of use and operating instructions.

Restoration work:
The first thing we did was to give the guitar to our electronics expert Helmuth Lemme to repair the complicated electrical system and bring it back to its original condition. As always, Helmuth did a perfect job. We then cleaned and extensively bale polished all the lacquer surfaces. The fingerboard was slightly sanded and oiled, the frets polished. The tuners were disassembled, cleaned, polished and re-oiled. All other hardware was polished as well. After a long search we also found an original cover for the string suspension. Finally, the Framus got new 10 gauge Pyramid pure nickel strings and a basic tuning.

Current condition:
We have here one of the most elaborate electric guitars from Framus in absolute top condition. With nine out of ten fully equipped preamp Stratos, the electrics no longer work properly - here everything is perfect. It is a highly interesting player, fully usable, with an almost unmanageable range of attractive sounds, some expected, some extremely surprising. The tuning stable vibrato and string mute also contribute to this. From Stratocaster surf with tremolo to Sixties beat to hard rock even in the modern playing styles, everything is here. Except for a few minor scratches on the body edges, there is no damage, fretboard and fretsticks are in mint condition, pickups have full power. Everything is stable and works in an exemplary manner. If you're willing to deal with the demanding circuitry at first, you'll get a real workhorse here with a hundred times more spirit and charisma than any new China axe. Take heart, guitarists! And a highlight for every collection is the Framus in this top condition anyway, but much too good to just stand in a showcase. More Framus is not possible!

Overall length 40.1”/104 cm; body length 18.5”/47 cm; lower bout width 13.8”/35 cm; waist width 9.4”/24 cm; upper bout width 11.4”/29 cm; body depth 1.4”/3,5 cm; scale length 24.8”/63 cm (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 1.6”/4,1 cm at zero fret, 2”/5,1 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 3.900 g; string action on 12th fret 0.08”/2 mm (fully adjustable to both directions).

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