Höfner 4500 E2, 1965

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Instrument: The 4500 was one of Höfner's entry-level models with little decoration. In times... more
Höfner 4500 E2, 1965

The 4500 was one of Höfner's entry-level models with little decoration. In times when a Gibson or Fender was prohibitively expensive, this Höfner offered countless amateur musicians a lot of quality for a small amount of money. It was available with one and two pickups, mostly in a three-tone sunburst finish, much more rarely in the black and red Black Rose colour scheme offered here. The successful model remained in the range for almost twenty years from 1965 to 1984. Ours dates from 1965, the pot code 145 means week 14 in 1965, making it likely to be one of the very first 4500s built. We take the liberty of making a note about the bridge: This is 100% the original equipment! Because Framus equipped almost all of its models with this bridge, many people think that this was a Framus exclusive. Wrong! The manufacturer Teller supplied the bridge to anyone who wanted it. Even though Framus made it famous and it is now known as the Framus bridge, it is also the correct original equipment for many other manufacturers.

The guitar is fully laminated, with maple veneer on the outside and mahogany on the inside. The two-piece, longitudinally glued maple neck is made from one piece including the headstock. It has a truss rod and carries a rosewood fingerboard with three pearloid dot inlays in each of five frets. The headstock is made of two-piece plastic (top black, bottom white), matching the black and white saddle. It has the 3D logo used at the time. The pickguard and switch plate are made of creamy white mottled pearloid. A thick, three-piece binding runs around the top. Open tuners, compensating bridge, massive tailpiece.

Here we have the Höfner standard that has been tried and tested a thousand times: two Type 510 "Diamond" pickups, single coils with double magnets. These were made by Franz Pix and used by Höfner between 1961 and 1970. They are controlled by the usual small Höfner switch plate with two volume controls with " teacup" knobs, rhythm solo switch and bass and treble switch respectively. There are more practical things, but that's how it was with all Höfner electrics back then. A standard jack socket sits in the lower side.

Instruments history:
The guitar has only had a very short career. The first owner bought it new at the Mollenhauer music store in Fulda, Germany, as a schoolboy in 1965, but had to save up for it for a few months. A school friend who needed a rhythm guitarist for his band had persuaded him to buy it. With it, a brown canvas bag was bought right away. After the band didn't get beyond a few rehearsals, the guitar and guitar playing took a back seat. The Höfner was never sold, however, but spent practically all of its 58 years safely stored in the canvas bag. It was never altered and when we got it, even the first strings were still mounted! Since the owner has not been able to play it any more for many years due to health reasons, even hobby-wise, he now decided with a heavy heart to sell it. We had to promise him to refurbish it perfectly and to sell it only to an appreciative collector.

Restoration work:
We have cleaned the guitar extensively, polished all lacquer surfaces as well as the hardware and blew out the body. The frets were polished, the fingerboard lightly dressed and oiled. The pots, which were a bit scratchy and resinous after a long period of disuse, were cleaned and made faultlessly operable. We also cleaned and re-oiled the resinous tuners. A new set of 010" Pyramid strings was mounted and a basic setup done.

Current condition:
A 4500 in virtually new condition? Not really, good models have become very rare, especially in the Black Rose finish. Many of these entry-level guitars were ruthlessly worn out, tinkered with and later disposed of. Ours is still in top condition, 100% original and now sparkling clean again. Fingerboard and frets are as good as new. There are a few tiny dents on the back edge of the body, otherwise no signs of play. Absolutely nothing for a guitar that is after all almost sixty years old. You can clearly see that the Höfner was not used at all for decades and was always protected and stored in a dark place. Unfortunately, we had to dispose of the old bag, because its inner flocking was dissolving. Of course, the guitar is odourless and without any defects or damage. The string action is low, the Thinline plays as easy as pie. The model 510 pickups have full power and make plenty of noise. You can play anything from rockabilly to Shadows with a lot of tremolo to velvety smooth jazz sounds. The 4500 is surprisingly versatile. A collector's item for Höfner and thinline fans, but also a great and individual guitar for demanding players. There is currently no better 4500 anywhere in the world.

Overall length 106 cm/41.7”; body length 52 cm/20.5”; lower bout width 42 cm/16.5”; waist width 25 cm/9.8”; upper bout width 31 cm/12.2”; body depth 5 cm/2”; scale length 64 cm/25.2” (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 4,3 cm/1.7” at zero fret, 5,1 cm/2” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.060 g; string action on 12th fret 2 mm/0.08” (adjustable).

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