Framus 5/119-54 Golden Television, deep body, 1964

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Instrument: Framus 5/119-54 Golden Television, stamped 64F, so from June 1964, unique piece... more
Framus 5/119-54 Golden Television, deep body, 1964

Framus 5/119-54 Golden Television, stamped 64F, so from June 1964, unique piece with deep, fully acoustic body! Probably only two were built in this shape, the second model was irreparably destroyed a few years ago, so this is probably the only surviving one. Hans-Peter Wilfer from Warwick/Framus could not remember the execution, but he confirmed that these were guaranteed handmade unique pieces. Our months of worldwide research have not found any evidence of another copy. The Television is perhaps the most beautiful independent body design by Framus and already today as Thinline a sought-after classic. The Golden Television represents the upper end of the model range and is really lavishly equipped.

The arched top is made of spruce, sides and back of maple, the back is wonderfully flamed. Beautiful three-coloured and slightly transparent sunburst finish. The neck is made of dark stained, indestructible laminated beech wood and has a truss rod. The fingerboard is ebony with real mother-of-pearl inlays in bow-tie shape. This was reserved only for the most expensive models. Around body, sound holes and fretboard extensive, up to five-layer bindings were used. The hardware is gold plated. Except for the bridge with mute: It was never originally made of brass or gold-plated at Framus, but only in the nickel-plated version, as here. The tuners are encapsulated with gold-plated covers. Elaborate, floating tailpiece, heavy and solid, with long tremolo arm.

Electric system:
Three of the thousandfold proven P90 single coils from Framus are an announcement. In addition a quite complicated circuit diagram, which is not immediately apparent, but in connection with the three tone controls offers practically unlimited sound possibilities. In addition the so-called organ effect lever, a volume control that fades in the sound on demand. This was all that was feasible in 1964.

Instruments history:
Our Television is a guitar that has always been played diligently, a few traces of usage bear witness to this. But it is completely original and untampered. The colours are fresh and nowhere faded. She spent the last 20 years in a high quality collection, from which we recently took over several guitars.

Restoration works:
Above all, we have completely and elaborately cleaned the Framus and also blown out the body. Long years as a player had left a lot of dust and dirt everywhere. After cleaning and polishing the lacquer surfaces have become very beautiful again. Fingerboard and frets have been sanded and oiled or polished, the golden hardware has also been carefully polished to a high gloss. We have checked the electrical system, everything works perfectly. New strings were mounted and a basic setup was done.

Actual condition:
Above all else, the uniqueness of the Framus fascinates of course. Televisions are already rare and coveted as Thinline, but their beautiful form in combination with the deep body is unsurpassable. An absolute eye-catcher and dream of every Framus fan! For sure hundreds of hours played and ready for the next thousand. Authentic vintage look with slight signs of wear and little scratches. Of course there are no serious defects. The Framus is perfectly clean and odorless. Beyond the wonderful vintage look, it features a really fantastic sound and a modern playability with lowest string action.The slim contoured neck plays easily and comfortably, even when playing fast. This guitar inspires and is the first choice for ambitious players.  But even more it is a must for every collector, on the European, Asian and American market. This guitar is only available now and here and then probably never again. Not a bargain, but a solid investment. One of the rarest Framus guitars ever!

Overall length 104 cm/41”, body length 49/19,3” cm, lower bout width 38 cm/15”, waist width 24 cm/9,4”, upper bout width 31 cm/12,2”; body depth 9 cm/3,6”; scale length 63 cm/24,8” (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 4,3 cm/1,7” at nut, 5,3 cm/2,1” at 12th fret; overall weight 3.300 g, string action on 12th fret 2 mm/0,08”.

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