Framus 5/168-52 Strato De Luxe, 1969, one of a kind

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Instrument: The Strato De Luxe was Framus' volume solid body in the sixties and was built in... more
Framus 5/168-52 Strato De Luxe, 1969, one of a kind

The Strato De Luxe was Framus' volume solid body in the sixties and was built in various versions. The shape and name are certainly US-influenced and based on the Fender Jaguar, but this is still an independent design with its own characteristics. Here we have an unusually built model with details we have never seen before. Therefore, we assume that the guitar is a "custom store" specimen. Framus was often happy to fulfill customer requests back then. A date is not to be found, but due to some details, like the "cloud" headstock, the massive knobs and the fully nickel-plated tremolo lever, we date the guitar to the end of the sixties.

The elegantly shaped body ("Contour Body") is made of basswood, alder or larch - we don't know for sure, it is also completely lacquered inside. It has the inevitable neck made of beech plywood - including the headstock made of one piece - which is costly to manufacture, but straight as a die and indestructible. On it a rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays. Unusual and unique the large one-piece pickguard made of beautiful dark marbled perloid with white Framus logo. We have never seen it like this before. Fully compensated roller bridge, recessed vibrato unit with cover plate and solid metal control knobs. Open tuners.

Electric system:
Two of the legendary Framus P 90 single coils are activated by separate on/off switches, and each has its own volume and tone controls. Well manageable, simple, practical and full of variations.

Instruments history:
Unknown. We took over the guitar from a collector who has had it for decades and never played it. Unfortunately, he also could no longer say from where he once had it. But even before him, the guitar must not have been played, because it is virtually untouched and flawless.

Restoration work:
None. We only checked the guitar, gave it a basic cleaning, mounted new strings (probably the original equipment was still on!) and performed a setup.

Current condition:
Our Strato De Luxe is technically perfect and with its bright red finish an eye-catcher. Some micro scratches on the pickguard, 4-5 small dents on the sides - all this probably comes from standing around rather than playing and is of course completely harmless. Neck back, fretboard, frets and tuners are spotless and practically in new condition. The varnish shines with great depth and looks like it's fresh from the factory. The neck is dead straight, the string height perfect at 1-2 mm at the 12th fret. Of course, the Strato is in original condition down to the smallest screw. No one has ever tinkered or "optimized" it. The electrics work perfectly and without any scratching or noise. The sound variations are versatile and range from banging sixties beats to soft Shadows sounds and hard rock style. A small maintenance cover is found on the back, whose function we cannot decide. Because there is nothing underneath. It looks like they used the body of a Strato with active electronics, but didn't put a battery in here. So you can definitely own and play it as "The One" - and it certainly wants to be played permanently after 53 years! But in this condition it is also a potential collector's item with showcase suitability - the design gives it all. We claim: In this design and in this condition, no other exists.

Overall length 40.9”/104 cm, body length 18.1”/46 cm, lower bout width 13.8”/35 cm, waist width 9.4”/24 cm, upper bout width 11.4”/29 cm; body depth 1.4”/3,5 cm, scale length 24.8”/63 cm (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 1.6”/4 cm at nut, 2”/5 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 3.360 g, string action at 12th fret 0,04-0,08”/1-2 mm (adjustable to both directions).

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