Höfner Committee Acoustic No. 4123, 1965

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Instrument: Höfner's 470 and its British counterpart, the Committee, are all legendary... more
Höfner Committee Acoustic No. 4123, 1965

Höfner's 470 and its British counterpart, the Committee, are all legendary collectors' items and the best Höfner ever built. Extremely elaborate and perfect in terms of craftsmanship, still unrivalled today, these guitars with their extremely high price were reserved for very wealthy buyers at the time, and correspondingly few were sold altogether. And of these, the rarest are the large 18-inch models with their 46 cm wide lower bout. Our guitar has the serial number 4123, so it dates from the first quarter of 1965.

Without compromise, only the finest timber was used, which the wood supplier Kollitz and Höfner's own sawmill had to offer. The top is made of fine-grained, bookmatched and solid Alpine spruce, sides and back of likewise solid, dramatically beautifully drawn, flamed bird's-eye maple. The neck, including the headstock, is made of three pieces of maple, with two narrow strips of mahogany in between for stability. Even the foot of the neck was worked in such a way that the strips run through without any joints. The fingerboard is made of ebony and has magnificent, genuine mother-of-pearl inlays in eight frets. The headstock cover is also an ebony veneer with genuine mother-of-pearl inlays in a floral motif. Even the truss rod cover is decorated with a piece of mother-of-pearl in the shape of a leaf. The ebony bridge matches this. The escutcheon tailpiece is massive, the pickguard is made of plexiglass with the usual gold inlaid decorative stripes and logo. Unique are the bindings with up to seven layers of three different pearloid colours: White, black and marbled cream. On the back they run into the legendary and unique ornament in leaf shape, which could not be reproduced on any series guitar until today. The tuners are first-class, closed Van Ghent with white pearloid grips. More quality in the materials is not possible!

Instruments history:
Unknown - it was offered to us through our network. But with such extremely rare collector's items, you're lucky to get your hands on one at all, because anyone who has something like this in this condition usually won't give it back. Such things do not normally come onto the open market. Our Committee, too, stood unplayed in a German collection for the last thirty years. It was kept in total darkness, protected from UV rays, with relaxed strings and always with sufficient humidity.

Restoration work:
There was actually almost nothing to do! The guitar was completely cleaned and the body was blown out. All the lacquer surfaces were polished, the fingerboard and frets were sanded and oiled or polished. The tuners were in perfect condition, they were only freshly oiled after cleaning. Finally, a new set of 011 Pyramid bronze strings and a setup - that's it.

Current condition:
Once again we are running out of superlatives... Visually, the Höfner is absolutely top-notch - very classy, with impressively beautiful materials, extremely tastefully designed, a feast of dark cognac, ebony and nickel accents. The original nitro lacquer is indeed flawless and like new, with no lacquer cracks or crazing. There are no playing marks, scratches, dents or other damage, not even the plexi pickguard has plectrum marks. Only to the right and left of the strap button are 2-3 very fine scratches, presumably from improper setting up. With no other guitar would we even mention this. The Committee is indeed in mint condition despite being 58 years old. Except for the bridge, the guitar is completely original. Why the current bridge from the manufacturer Teller replaced the old original, we do not know. But it is 100% authentic, Höfner also used such bridges from the factory. But the Committee is not only beautiful. The slim, modern neck is very easy to play thanks to its very low string action, and the frets and fingerboard are perfect. In addition, the mighty 18 inch body provides plenty of sound volume, soft and very woody sounds dominate here, very harmonious all around and well pronounced across the entire frequency spectrum. Long sustain, fast response and plenty of volume - making the Höfner extremely assertive without ever becoming shrill or tinny, no matter how hard you play it. Of course, it is first and foremost a flawless collector's item, the crowning glory of any Höfner or archtop collection, and certainly a safe long-term investment with nothing to lose. The attention of the new owner must include the preservation of the present, unique condition, but the guitar is also an endless joy to play. Thus, it is too good to "only" stand in the showcase, one should take it in one's hands regularly. It is also certain that there will not be a second 18-inch Brunette in this condition anywhere in the world, so anyone looking for something like this should not hesitate.

Overall length 42.6”/108 cm; body length 21.3”/54 cm; lower bout width 18.1”/46 cm; waist width 11”/28 cm; upper bout width 13”/33 cm; body depth 3”/7,7 cm; scale length 25.2”/64 cm (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 1.7”/4,2 cm at zero fret, 2”/5,2 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.510 g, string action on 12th fret 0.06”/1,5 mm.

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