Framus 5/1 Amateur, 1972

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Instrument: Once upon a time, these traveling guitars were made and sold by the thousands, and... more
Framus 5/1 Amateur, 1972

Once upon a time, these traveling guitars were made and sold by the thousands, and many guitarists made their first experiences on them. Today, good specimens are harder and harder to come by, as countless examples have been worn out in children's rooms and around campfires, and then ended up at flea markets or in the bulky waste. Especially when the blues scene discovered a few years ago that a German Wandergitarre sounds just like a pre-war US parlor, these models are in high demand. Our Framus Amateur dates from March 1972, and is curiously stamped, as it bears two 72 C stampings, one of them upside down. Presumably, the worker first stamped the wrong way around, then realized his mistake and quickly put a second stamp with correct direction next to it. We've never had anything like that either. It was designed for steel strings, because the bridge is screwed bombproof with three threaded screws against a metal plate and directly next to it runs a solid maple brace (ladder bracing).

Spruce top, laminated with bookmatched finish, maple sides and arched, subtly flamed maple back, also bookmatched. Solid one piece maple neck, including headstock made all from one piece. Flat rosewood fingerboard, with four pearloid dot inlays and truss rod. Rosewood bridge. Open tuners.

Instruments history:
Unknown. The guitar was in our storage for many years, we can not remember where it came from. Now we have taken it and breathed new life into it. The wear tell of countless hours of play - the little Amateur was not treated sparingly. Whether on the road, camping, at the campfire or on vacation - the Framus has certainly experienced a lot and still participated in the last hippie times. Because against the light at the right angle on the top you can discover the remnants of the word PEACE and the matching symbol. The Framus has well deserved its patina, but has survived all stresses and strains without major damage and has developed a wonderful sound. It was no longer playable before the overhaul - due to two broken tuner levers and the missing nut.

Restoration work:
We first cleaned the guitar extensively and blew out the body. The various dents and scratches were carefully retouched, and all the lacquer surfaces were then polished. The fingerboard and frets were dressed and then polished and oiled. The old irreparable tuners were removed and replaced with matching ones from our inventory. A new nut was also fitted. Finally, new strings were mounted and a basic setup was done.

Current condition:
In the aged look with the playing wear mainly on the top and edges, the guitar is a real patina beauty. The authentic relic look is unique and not artificially produced. It doesn't look like a German travel guitar at all, but more like one of those legendary US pre-war parlors. And that's how it sounds - you can hear the blues of Robert Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt! The condition is otherwise perfect, the patina is of course only superficial and structurally completely harmless. Everything is perfectly stable, all glue joints are bombproof. Fingerboard and frets are flawless and show no wear. The neck back is perfect, which is important for a pleasant playing feel. Playability is a breeze, thanks to the slim neck and low string action - the guitar screams fingerstyle, picking and slide. The solid maple neck provides fat sound with plenty of volume. The Amateur is perfectly played in and unleashes maximum sound: loud, instantly responsive, accentuated, with full basses and mids - no comparison to some poor, thin and tinny parlor guitars. This is not an expensive piece for the display case, this guitar needs and wants to be played. Easy enough to play to be a fantastic beginner guitar, but also a tone statement for the advanced guitarist. And of course, first choice as what it has always been: a fantastic travel guitar.

Overall length 38.6”/98 cm, body length 18.7”/47,5 cm, lower bout width 13.8”/35 cm, waist width 8.3”/21 cm, upper bout width 10.2”/26 cm; body depth 3.1”/8 cm; scale length 24.8”/63 cm (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 1.7”/4,4 cm at nut, 2.1”/5,4 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 1.730 g, string action on 12th fret 0.08”/2 mm.

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