Framus 50/I Sport, 1970

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Instrument: The Sport comes from the traveling guitar range of Framus, it was available in... more
Product information Framus 50/I Sport, 1970

The Sport comes from the traveling guitar range of Framus, it was available in different versions, including long 63" and short 58" scale. The target group were certainly children and " soft female hands ", as it was called in the Framus advertising at the time. In the meantime, the blues scene in particular has long since discovered that such a German traveling guitar sounds practically the same as a US parlor from the thirties and forties, but at a fraction of the price that you have to pay for such a Martin or Gibson today. This is the sound of Robert Johnson, Son House and Charley Patton - made in Germany. Our model bears the just recognizable stamp 70 M, so it dates from December 1970 and was built for use with steel strings.

The guitar is fully laminated, the top is made of spruce, sides and back of maple. The two-piece lengthwise glued neck is also made of maple. It has a beautifully grained rosewood fingerboard with four pearloid dot inlays. The reinforced tailpiece is also made of rosewood. Open tuners with creamy white plastic grips.

Instruments history:
We found the guitar in the back room of an old music store, it was taken in payment many years ago and nothing is known about its history. What is certain is that it has been overhauled before: Body and neck were completely sanded and refinished. The top is clear, the back and sides dark brown and the neck almost black. Also mounted are tuners that fit in time, but not original.

Restoration work:
Complete cleaning inside and out, body blown out, cleaning and polishing of the varnish. Fretsticks and fingerboard were lightly sanded and polished, fingerboard oiled. The tuners were disassembled, cleaned and oiled. New strings (11 gauge Pyramid Bronze) installed and setup done.

Current condition:
Above all else, this little Sport is a real sound monster! What comes out of the small body is really convincing. Loud, assertive with strong mids and highs and very nice, banjo-like frequencies, unique for plectrum, fingerpicks and slide - blues can't get any better. "Only" strumming would be a real shame here. The condition is almost perfect, unfortunately the former restorers used some coarse sandpaper on the back and sides and did not completely remove the marks. Against the light you can see them. However, except for this small blemish, which cannot be photographed, there are no damages or defects, the guitar is stable and immediately ready for full use. The reinforced bridge can handle thick steel strings, the short triple-braced neck anyway. Frets and fingerboard are perfect and practically in mint condition. Overall, the Sport is a breeze to play thanks to its low action, slim neck and 58 gauge. It's perfect for discerning pickers, more than just an addition to the portfolio of versatile guitarists, and almost too good to be “only” a travel guitar.

Overall length 36.2”/92 cm, body length 17.1”/43,5 cm, lower bout width 12”/30,5 cm, waist width 7.1”/18 cm, upper bout width 9.3”/23,5 cm; body depth 2.9”/7,3 cm; scale length 22.8”/58 cm (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 1.6”/4,1 cm at nut, 2”/5,1 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 1.340 g, string action on 12th fret 0.08-0.12”/2-3 mm.

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