Framus 5/28 Carmen, 1960

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Instrument: A classical guitar by design, the Framus Carmen has some details that make it a... more
Product information Framus 5/28 Carmen, 1960

A classical guitar by design, the Framus Carmen has some details that make it a real hybrid: The neck has a steel truss rod, the tuner axles are not nylon-covered and the sunburst finish is also completely atypical for a classical guitar. Nevertheless, the Carmen has the dimensions of a classical 4/4. We assume that at the beginning of the sixties, an alternative to the standard concert guitars was to be created, especially for young target groups who were strongly oriented towards rock'n roll, Hawaii and a more liberal attitude to life. Our guitar is stamped 60 I and thus dates from September 1960. Remarkably, the quality control was not signed by the omnipresent Framus production director Richard Müller, but by a Mr. Sandner!

Spruce top, bookmatched finish. Maple sides and back. Three layer maple neck. Rosewood fingerboard and tailpiece. Up to six-ply bindings around body and soundhole. Open tuners.

Instruments history:
Unknown. We took over the Framus completely covered in dust as part of a larger collection.

Restoration work:
The guitar has been completely cleaned, the body has been blown out and all lacquer surfaces have been elaborately polished. We carefully touched up a few tiny marks. The fingerboard and frets were smoothed, the frets were polished and the fingerboard was oiled. The tuners were disassembled, cleaned, polished and re-oiled. We decided to fit Pyramid nylon strings and finally did a basic setup.

Current condition:
This beautiful Carmen was and is in 100% original top condition. One slightly larger scratch on the top, plus a few micro-scratches from playing, that's it in terms of wear. Fretboard and frets are perfect, everything else is in perfect working order. Not to forget: We are talking about a 61 year old guitar! The guitar is of course completely odourless and clean. The sound is wonderfully soft and warm with nylon strings, yet loud and present. With steel strings it is a little blues monster in the style of Robert Johnson and Charley Patton. So it really is very versatile! It is very easy to handle and a joy to play. A collector's item, stylish beginner's guitar, but also a wonderful addition to the portfolio for versatile guitarists and connoisseurs.

Overall length 99,5 cm/39.2”; body length 48,5 cm/19.1”; lower bout width 37,5 cm/14.8”; waist width 26 cm/10.2”; upper bout width 29,5 cm/11.6”; body depth 8,5 cm/3.3”; scale length 64,5 cm/25.4” (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 4,6 cm/1.8” at zero fret, 5,7 cm/2.2” at 12th fret; overall weight 1.610 g; string action on 12th fret 3 mm/0.12”.

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