Framus 5/143 Atlantik, Thinline, 1969

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Instrument: The Television and Atlantik models represent perhaps the most beautiful,... more
Product information Framus 5/143 Atlantik, Thinline, 1969

The Television and Atlantik models represent perhaps the most beautiful, independent Framus design, perfectly balanced and simply well done. Here as a beautiful bass guitar in contemporary Sixties red. Stamped 69 K, i.e. from October 1969. 76 mm medium scale.

Body and top made of laminated maple. The neck is made of super-stable and indestructible multi ply maple, incl. headstock made of one piece and of course with truss rod. Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays. Open, large Framus single tuners with nickel-plated handles, nickel-plated hardware.

Two of the legendary Framus single-coil pickups, individually switchable on and off, each with separate volume and tone controls. It's easy and intuitive to use, and that's all you need for rich and versatile bass sounds.

Instruments history:
Unknown. However, this Atlantic bass has not experienced much and has probably spent its life in the living room. The excellent state of preservation proves this. We took it over in 2020 as part of a Framus collection.

Restoration work:
The few dents were carefully retouched and all lacquer surfaces were bale polished in several passes. The fingerboard was slightly sanded and oiled, the frets polished. The tuners were cleaned and oiled, all hardware parts polished. There was nothing more to do. Finally, we did a basic setup as usual.

Current condition:
If you are looking for an eye-catching vintage rock bass with modern handling, this is the one for you. There are exactly three quirks worth mentioning, one on the top (old drill hole, what for we don't know), one on the lower side and one on the back. That's it. No paint cracks, no other damage, no wear. The original frets are mounted, they are flawless and like new, including the fingerboard. Of course there are no serious damages, breaks, cracks or similar. Fretboard and fretsticks are perfect and good for many more years, the playability is easy as pie thanks to the low string action. Above all, the Atlantik impresses with powerful sounds from soft to crisp, not a bit dull, and surprisingly versatile. Of course, it is 100% in original condition. Fortunately, the owner has also refrained from any modifications or optimisations. With its powerful round-wound strings, it really makes power. A beautiful player that finally belongs in a band! Or a highlight for the Framus collection?

Overall length 43.3”/110 cm, body length 18.5”/47 cm, lower bout width 15”/38 cm, waist width 9.4”/24 cm, upper bout width 12.2”/31 cm; body depth 1.6”/4 cm, scale length 29.9”/76 cm (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 1.4”/3,6 cm at nut, 1.8”/4,6 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.660 g, string action on 12th fret 0.04-0.08”/1-2 mm (adjustable).

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