Framus 5/011 Atlantik 12, Thinline, 1966

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Instrument: In the sixties they were once very modern - the twelve-string electric guitars.... more
Product information Framus 5/011 Atlantik 12, Thinline, 1966

In the sixties they were once very modern - the twelve-string electric guitars. Beatles, Hollies, Barclay James Harvest, Led Zeppelin and many more all played their twelve-string Gretschs and Rickenbackers. Framus was also all the rage back then, and the Atlantik model is, in our opinion, one of the best 12-string electric guitars ever made. The Atlantik/Television shape is perhaps Framus' finest independent design, and in the softline version with rounded edges and no bindings it is years ahead of its time. Compared to an old Gretsch Electromatic or Rickenbacker 360, it may still be behind in image, but in quality and sound it is at least equal. We have tested it! An important argument for many musicians is, of course, the cost: a Framus Atlantik 12 is no longer cheap, but still easily five to eight times cheaper than one of the US models from that time. And it is becoming increasingly rare! By the way, exactly this guitar is pictured in the book "Framus Vintage" on page 90, there still with the wrong bridge (see below).

The hollow Thinline body without sustain block is made entirely of maple. Everything is made of laminated wood for the sake of stability and to avoid feedback. The proven and indestructible laminated beech wood neck is also made of laminated beech strips. All in all, the guitar is fully resilient and stable to this day. Plus a beautifully grained rosewood fingerboard, solid nickel-plated hardware, open Framus tuners and a height- and scale-adjustable bridge with cover. Perfectly executed three-colour sunburst finish.

Electric system:
The equipment is typical Framus: standard plus gimmick. The pickups are two classic Framus single coils. They are switched via two small on/off switches. There is also a volume and tone control. So far, so good. In addition, Framus has built in a switch that virtually cuts off the bass of each pickup. You don't really need that, but so what?

Instruments history:
Our Atlantik has certainly never been played much and was definitely not on the road or in rehearsal rooms. It has a little authentic patina, but no massive signs of play. It came to us from a collection and stood there, UV-protected and well air-conditioned, on the shelf for many years. There was a cheap, Chinese sheet metal bridge mounted, why, we don't know. Exactly this guitar was photographed for the book "Framus-Vintage" by Hans-Peter Wilfer (ed.) and can be seen there on page 90 - with the wrong bridge.

Restoration work:
Complete cleaning inside and out, fretboard and frets sanded and oiled or polished. A few scratches retouched, all lacquer surfaces extensively bale-polished, hardware highly polished. Tuners refurbished and oiled. Electrical system checked and measured. Setup carried out.

Current condition:
Great overall look, authentic vintage appearance with a few traces of wear and the spirit of the sixties - that is the visual impression of the Framus. It is in its original condition right down to the last screw and completely untouched. Everything is stable and works perfectly. The neck is straight, fingerboard and frets are flawless. In addition, it has a really fantastic sound and modern playability. The pickups are crisp and full of power, the electrics work perfectly and faultlessly. The Atlantik sounds clear as a bell, silvery and incredibly full and complex. A 12-string electric guitar doesn't get any better than this. The open tuners work perfectly - there is nothing to optimise here either. There are a few scratches and dings on the back and on the lower edge, but all in all almost nothing for a guitar life of 55 years. We claim: Currently there is no comparable 5/011 offered worldwide. First choice for players and collectors - why spend so much more for a Gretsch or Rickenbacker?

Overall length 107 cm/42.1”, body length 47/18.5” cm, lower bout width 38 cm/15”, waist width 23,5 cm/9.3”, upper bout width 31 cm/12.2”; body depth 4 cm/1.6”; scale length 62,5 cm/24.6” (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 4,3 cm/1.7” at zero fret, 5,4 cm/2.1” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.760 g, string action on 12th fret 2 mm/0.08”.

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