Musima 25K Deluxe „GDR-Paula“, 1975

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Instrument: There were once hundreds of them, because the then as now affectionately called... more
Product information Musima 25K Deluxe „GDR-Paula“, 1975

There were once hundreds of them, because the then as now affectionately called GDR or Musima Paula solid body is the most built and best known electric guitar from the production of the state-owned company. The introduction took place in 1974, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GDR, the guitar was given the designation 25K. It was built for almost ten years from 1974 to 1983. Nevertheless, it remained an unattainable dream for most East German musicians, as these high-quality instruments were mostly intended for export and faced long waiting periods and high prices domestically. Our 25K is one of the early models, in original still equipped with carabiner lugs instead of strap buttons. It dates from the year 1975.

The solid body consists of two pieces of alder glued in the middle. The neck is made of beech in one piece, carries a rosewood fingerboard with pearloid inlays on seven frets and of course has a truss rod. Around the body, neck and headstock are thick, creamy white bindings. Logo and the beautiful ornament on the black headstock are lacquered on and in. Open single tuners with white plastic handles, all hardware is nickel plated.

The two single-coil pickups come from the production of the East German company Simeto. They are switched via a standard three-way toggle switch, controlled by a master volume and master tone knob. In addition, there is a tone selector switch, called "trick switch" at the time, which offers a cutoff and three sound variants with different bass and treble. The standard jack socket is integrated into the switch plate in Fender-style design.

Instruments history:
Our Musima has no GDR past. It was bought new in 1975 by the first owner in a music store in Ulm, West Germany. The hobby guitarist played it for over forty years mainly at home in the living room, with decreasing frequency, the last few years not at all. It then ended up around 2019 with a collector in southern Germany, from whom we took it over in 2021 as part of a bundle.

Restoration work:
The hardly played hobby guitar was already in top condition when we took it over. We just did a complete cleaning, polished all the lacquer surfaces and all the hardware. The fingerboard and frets were slightly sanded and oiled or polished, the tuners cleaned and re-oiled. We replaced the anachronistic snap hooks with matching strap buttons. (The original grommets are included with the purchase, though.) Finally, new 10-gauge Pyramid strings and a basic setup - that's it.

Current condition:
This beautiful guitar convinces first with its great and very versatile sound. It is very unique, the open single coils have powerful punch and the control options leave nothing to be desired. With the 25K all music styles can be played, the guitar is up to date despite its 47 years. It is easy to play thanks to the low string action, connoisseurs appreciate the comfortable and wide fingerboard, which offers enough space even for thicker fingers. Visually, the guitar is in quasi-new condition. Deep glossy lacquer surfaces, a perfectly executed sunburst finish and the overall tasteful color scheme are convincing. There are 3-4 tiny dents on the top, a few micro scratches on the back - that's it. The first owner surely always played with his hand rested on the bridge, so the nickel layer there is partly "stripped" down to the brass. Can be seen well on the photos. Overall, however, almost nothing for almost 50 years of guitar life. Structurally, of course, everything is perfect and stable, there is no other damage, everything works as it should. Most of the 25K's available today are hopelessly tinkered. Instruments in condition like ours have become rare. Yet the Musima is still a bargain in the vintage market. Contemporary and authentic player and collector's item in showcase condition - ours offers both.

Overall length 39.4”/100 cm, body length 17.1”/43,5 cm, lower bout width 12.6”/32 cm, waist width 7.1”/18 cm, upper bout width 9.3”/23,5 cm; body depth 1.2”/3 cm, scale length 24.6”/62,5 cm (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 1.8”/4,5 cm at nut, 2.1”/5,2 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 3.080 g, string action on 12th fret 0.04-0.08”/1-2 mm (adjustable).

Purchase and payment:
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