Höfner 4572 II, 1970

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Instrument: The 4572 was one of the Gibson ES 330 competitor models from Höfner, whereby... more
Product information Höfner 4572 II, 1970

The 4572 was one of the Gibson ES 330 competitor models from Höfner, whereby Höfner did not rely on humbuckers, but used the legendary and truly fantastic Blades single coils. These here are not made by Franz Pix, but are type 511, built by Schaller, recognizable by the missing pole screws. They are considered by many fans and experts to be the best pickups Höfner ever assembled. The 4572 was one of Höfner's most successful models and was built for 20 years from 1968 to 1988. Our 4572 is one of the early ones and dates back to 1970.

The guitar is fully laminated like its US counterparts. It has a beautiful spruce top and an almost even more beautiful back made of gorgeous flamed maple. The black lacquered neck is probably made of maple and has a rosewood fingerboard with perloid dots in seven frets. The headstock bears the typical Höfner perloid inlay. Around the body, sound holes and neck white bindings up to three-ply. The solid tailpiece with vibrato features the stylized Höfner H, the bridge has fully compensated string saddles. Closed single tuners.

The basis are two Schaller-built Type 511 single coil pickups. Each has its own volume and tone control, switched by a conventional three-way toggle switch.

Instruments history:
Unknown. We have the guitar for a few years and do not remember where it came from.

Restoration work:
Complete cleaning and blowing out of the body. All lacquer surfaces were retouched and then extensively bale polished. The fingerboard was stripped and oiled, the frets polished. The electrics were rewired and re-soldered, all the controls were de-resinized and made easily operable. Six mismatched, brass-colored Gibson tuners were installed; we removed them and replaced them with matching, nickel-plated, closed Höfner tuners. The warped pickguard was straightened, all hardware parts were cleaned and polished. Finally, the Höfner got a new set of 10" Pyramid Pure Nickel Roundwounds and a basic setup.

Current condition:
Before anything else, we have to mention the sound of the guitar! This is one of the most brachial, dynamic and aggressive rock guitars we have had in 30 years! The 4572 has endless power, it's just fantastic. It's a great player with easy handling thanks to a notch-straight neck and low string action. All the electrics work perfectly, of course. But everything else fits as well. The look is typical vintage ES, the varnish shines again with great depth and the little patina gives the Höfner a lot of charm and mojo. This kind of thing only exists on old guitars and cannot be "reliced". There are a handful of scratches on the top, plus a spot on the edge, a few tiny scratches here and there, that's it. Otherwise, the Höfner is in top condition, everything is solid and stable. Fretsticks and fingerboard are like new. So everything completely harmless and part of the beautiful, genuine patina, but almost nothing for over 50 years of rock history. ES fighters are many, but so authentic and sonically superior certainly not. We would prefer this 4572 to any Gibson ES.

Overall length 40.9”/104 cm, body length 18.9”/48 cm, lower bout width 16.1”/41 cm, waist width 9.4”/24 cm, upper bout width 11.2”/28,5 cm; body depth 2”/5 cm, scale length 25.2”/64 cm (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 1.7”/4,3 cm at zero fret, 2”/5,1 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.900 g, string action on 12th fret 0.08”/2 mm.

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