Framus 5/111 Atlantik, 1970

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Instrument: The Television, Atlantik, and also New Sound TV-type models represent perhaps the... more
Framus 5/111 Atlantik, 1970

The Television, Atlantik, and also New Sound TV-type models represent perhaps the finest stand-alone Framus design, perfectly balanced and simply well done. This one is a late Atlantik: stamped 70K means built in October 1970. A hybrid between thinline and solid body with cavities in the body, but central block and no sound holes. And with the Limba top it's a rarity - we've never seen a second one in 25 years.

The guitar body is made of maple and has a layer of Limba as the top. On the side you can see the brown-stained maple, the back is veneered with a layer of mahogany. The neck is made of the complex to manufacture and indestructible beech multilayer wood, including the headstock made of one piece. The fingerboard is dark East Indian rosewood with pearloid dot inlays in five frets and on the side. All lacquer surfaces have been given a satin finish. Open tuners, massive hardware. The original tailpiece is the 12-string version as it was common at that time, so Framus wanted to save costs.

The guitar features the fantastic, genuine P90 pickups. They are controlled by a three-way toggle switch and a master volume and master tone control. Standard jack socket in the side lower bout. Everything standard, simple, intuitive and completely sufficient.

Instruments history:
Unknown. Some playing marks and the bridge modification suggest frequent use in its first ten years. Since about 1980 it stood unplayed in a large Framus collection, we took it over in 2021.

Restoration work:
We first thoroughly cleaned the rather filthy guitar. All the lacquer surfaces were polished, the body edges retouched. We stripped and oiled the fingerboard and polished the fretsticks. For optimal stringing, we installed an original Framus string tree for six strings, instead of two. The tuners are cleaned, adjusted and re-oiled. The scratchy electrics we have completely cleaned and made easy operable. Since the conversion to the non-original bridge was well done, we left it as is and only replaced the adjustment wheels with wider ones - it is at least period correct and authentic. Various rusty screws were replaced, the hardware polished, a new set of Pyramid Pure Nickel strings mounted. Finally, a basic adjustment - that's it.

Current condition:
First of all, this is a really extremely rare guitar. The first in this execution that we have come across and not pictured in any brochure. Perhaps a very small production run or a custom build. Visually, it is beautiful and cohesive in its natural look with the dark accents. The back has scratches, presumably belt buckle marks, otherwise shows very little wear, which is also due to the extremely insensitive surfaces. The neck is straight. Fingerboard and fretsticks like new. The sound is overwhelming: The two P90s have endless power and really kick off! More rock guitar is not possible, this Framus keeps every high quality US axe in check. Of course, the electrics work again completely hum- and scratch-free. What is this now? A mega rare collector's item? Or a rock guitar for band and stage with incomparable vintage flair? We think - both! But in any case a very rare opportunity, providing much bang for the buck.

Overall length 106 cm/41.7”; body length 50 cm/19.7”; lower bout width 38 cm/15”; waist width 24 cm/9.4”; upper bout width 32 cm/12.6”; body depth 4 cm/1.6”; scale length 63 cm/24.8” (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 4 cm/1.6” at zero fret, 5 cm/2” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.520 g; string action on 12th fret 2 mm/0.08”.

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