Framus 07100 Atlantik 6, 1974

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Instrument: Our Atlantik 6 is a real and true workhorse. Stamped 74 C means built in March... more
Product information Framus 07100 Atlantik 6, 1974

Our Atlantik 6 is a real and true workhorse. Stamped 74 C means built in March 1974. No matter if New Sound, Fret Jet, Caravelle, Sorento or Atlantik – all these models were Gibson ES fighters. More or less independent and more or less successful. But today more and more musicians prefer the seventies Framus compared to a Gibson from that time. Inferior reputation, but ahead concerning quality and sound – after more than one direct comparison we have to confirm this. But the main argument is the price: An Atlantik 6 isn’t a cheap deal anymore, but costs four times less than an original Gibson from that period.

The body is completely made of maple. Soundhole isn’t real but a sticker, no open resonance space, but not a solid body, due to weight reasons. All of laminated wood, supporting steadiness and preventing feedback. To provide maximum stability and prevent feedback noises there’s a massive sustainblock of mahogany inside. The modern shaped neck is made of often proved multiply beech wood. Overall the Atlantik 6 is built for eternity and nearly undestroyable. Rosewood fingerboard, creme white bindings around the top and  massive nickel plated hardware. Open Framus tuners. Adjustable bridge and a tailpiece with pitch stable tremolo system and whammy bar.

Electric system:
The guitar fitting is often proved standard. Two Framus P 90 single coil pickups. No trendy seventies experiments but one volume and one tone control, combined with a three way pickup selector switch. No need for more to provide lots of different sounds.

Instruments history:
Our Atlantik 6 has been played very often, but assumingly never on the road. She offers some nice authentic patina, mainly at the back, but no serious wear. She lived in our stock room for a long time, so we completely forgot, where she came from…

Restoration works:
Not much to do at all. We cleaned her completely. Fingerboard and frets have been slightly sanded, frets polished, fingerboard oiled. Lacquer surfaces have been polished extensively, such as the hardware. Electric system has been checked. New strings, full setup job, that’s it.

Actual condition:
Back then the colour was named “brown shaded” – from our point of view the most beautiful design. Amazing overall look, true vintage impression with some little wear. Verything is perfectly solid and stable and works as it should. Stunning sound and state of the art playability can be expected. This is a real rock guitar – Alvin Lee would have loved to play her. Besides the lower strap pin everything is in original condition. Fingerboard and frets are near mint, pickups just as new – nothing to pimp here. Mainly at the back there are some scratches and dents, not much after 44 years of guitar life. First choice for players and collectors – why spend more money for a Gibson…

Overall length 104 cm/40,9”, body length 46/18,1” cm, lower bout width 40,5 cm/15,9”, waist width 23 cm/9,1”, upper bout width 29 cm/11,4”; body depth 4,5 cm/1,8”; scale length 63 cm/24,8” (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 4,2 cm/1,7” at zero fret, 5,2 cm/2,1” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.600 g, string action on 12th fret 2 mm/0,08”.

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