Framus 10008 Junior 6, 1973

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Instrument: The Junior 6 offered here is a real workhorse. Barely recognizable the year stamp... more
Product information Framus 10008 Junior 6, 1973

The Junior 6 offered here is a real workhorse. Barely recognizable the year stamp ...3, so built in 1973. At that time available in black, cream white and red. The Franconian alternative to the Fender Jaguar, more or less independent and with more or less success. But today there are many musicians who prefer a seventies Framus to the U.S. models especially from that time. It is still inferior in terms of image, but it is clearly better in terms of quality and sound, which we can confirm from direct comparisons. An important argument for many musicians is of course the cost: A Junior 6 is a real bargain compared to a Jaguar.

The body is made entirely of alder. The proven neck is made of multi-laminated maple strips. Overall, the guitar is almost indestructible and stable to this day. Along with that, a rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dots, jumbo frets, solid and nickel-plated hardware, white pickguard, open tuners. Tailpiece with extremely tuning stable Framus tremolo unit.

Electric system:
The equipment is simple, but sufficient: a single-coil pickup controlled by a volume and tone knob. That's all you need for versatile sounds.

Instruments history:
Our Junior 6 was played extensively in the beginning. It was at many band rehearsals and on stage and was not spared. At some point it ended up pretty battered and with non-functioning electrics with a guitarist who did not play it for at least 20 years and used it only as a wall hanger. Accordingly, the greasy layer of dust on the guitar was thick... And why someone once drew an 8 or a B with felt pen on the headstock, can no longer be traced...

Restoration work:
Complete cleaning, fretboard and frets removed and oiled or polished. Lacquer surfaces extensively bale polished, headstock doodle removed.  Hardware high gloss polished, tuners reconditioned and oiled. Resinous knobs refurbished, contact surfaces repaired and made operable, cables re-soldered. New strings fitted and setup performed.

Current condition:
Despite its almost fifty years, the guitar is still modern. Shape (including contour body), color, sound, playability - all very contemporary. The body has some patina on the edges, but this is only superficial and does not bother - on the contrary. So the guitar has a lot of real character! Everything is stable and works perfectly. A really fantastic sound and a new-age playability characterize this Framus. We have here a real little rock monster, easy and straightforward. Of course everything is 100% in original condition! Fretboard and frets are mint, the pickup like new, cheeky and loud. The open tuners work perfectly - nothing to tweak here. First choice for players and collectors - why spend so much more for a Jaguar?

Overall length 100 cm/39.4”, body length 47 cm/18.5”, lower bout width 34 cm/13.4”, waist width 23 cm/9.1”, upper bout width 29 cm/11.4”; body depth 3,5 cm/1.4”; scale length 63,5 cm/25” (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 4 cm/1.6” at zero fret, 5 cm/2” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.650 g, string action on 12th fret 1 mm/0.04”.

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