Klira SM9 Stratocaster, 1970

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Instrument: This is certainly one of the best Stratocasters ever built in the world! In the... more
Product information Klira SM9 Stratocaster, 1970

This is certainly one of the best Stratocasters ever built in the world! In the early seventies, all brands copied the great US models, so Klira this SM 9. Contour body, single coil pickup, top workmanship and the best materials, but still it was not enough to prevent the demise of the German guitar industry. At that time, they were unloved shopkeepers with a bad image, today they are sought-after and rare gems, qualitatively and sound-wise clearly superior to the US models from that time.

The body is made of maple with beautifully flamed back. The neck is made of two longitudinally glued pieces of maple, end-to-end including the headstock. It has a truss rod and a dark rosewood fingerboard with thick pearloid dot inlays on eight frets. The guitar has a high-gloss three-tone sunburst finish. The three-ply white pickguard is model standard. All hardware parts are high quality nickel or chrome plated. Closed single tuners.

Electric system:
Basis are the two, today already legendary Klira pickups, as with the Stratocaster they are single coils. These pickups are among the best that was produced at the time - many connoisseurs buy these guitars only because of the pickups, which were also mounted on other Klira models.Controlled with a three-way toggle switch and a master tone and volume knob.  That's all it takes for versatile sounds and simple, intuitive operation.

Instruments history:
Unknown, but the guitar is a player. It was played diligently, wore a few battle scars from it, but overall is in very good condition. We took it over from a collector who didn't touch it himself for at least 20 years and stored it dark and well tempered in a case.

Restoration work:
All lacquer surfaces have been extensively cleaned and polished, some dents and scratches carefully retouched. Fingerboard and frets were stripped, the fingerboard oiled, the frets straightened and polished. Unfortunately, the original tuners were so worn out that we decided to replace them with closed, original German single tuners from the sixties. Hardware and pickguard were cleaned and polished, and the electrics were checked. Finally, a set of new 10" strings and a setup, and that was it.

Current condition:
This beautiful Klira is a fantastic Stratocaster, superior in quality to the famous original of the time and a bargain in comparison. We have probably not played a better one in 25 years! Best materials, top equipment and perfect workmanship characterize the guitar. The sounds are very typical, but the two great Klira pickups give much more punch than the famous Fender single coils. A few play marks add to the beautiful patina of the guitar: There are a couple of scuffs in the lower waist for about 10 cm (see photos), there are a few minor dings and scratches all around, and there are also two scratches on the back of the neck for about 1 cm. All this is only superficial, completely harmless and does not interfere at all when playing. Considering the age of 51 years, it is surprisingly little for a player guitar. Everything else is almost perfect, the varnish shines with great depth, the finish is perfectly executed. Of course, the electrics work perfectly with no buzzing, scratching or other disturbances. So if you're looking for a great player with huge sound, this SM 9 is it. We would drop any Fender from the seventies for it!

Overall length 97 cm/38.2”, body length 46 cm/18.1”, lower bout width 32 cm/12.6”, waist width 22 cm/8.7”, upper bout width 28 cm/11”; body depth 4 cm/1.6”, scale length 62 cm/24.4” (nut to saddle), fingerboard width 4,2 cm/1.7” at nut, 5,2 cm/2” at 12th fret; overall weight 3.450 g, string action on 12th fret 1-2 mm/0.04-0.08” (adjustable).

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