Höfner 176 Solid De Luxe, vinyl, 1965

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Instrument: The 176 was one of the most successful Höfner models, was built - as the successor... more
Product information Höfner 176 Solid De Luxe, vinyl, 1965

The 176 was one of the most successful Höfner models, was built - as the successor of the 175 - for almost twenty years from 1964 to 1983 and was one of the top models of the 170 series. Ours is a very early 176 from 1965, and following the short-lived fashion of the time, it has the original vinyl finish in "Snakeskin Red". These bodies were all covered with imitation leather in a vacuum process by the Jakob Winter company in Nauheim, actually an instrument case manufacturer.

The body is made of alder, the neck incl. headstock is made of one continuous piece of maple. The rosewood fingerboard has the usual lush two-tone pearloid inlays on eight frets and a steel adjustment rod accessible from the end of the neck. Closed single tuners with transparent celluloid crown pegs. Fully adjustable bridge with roller bearings to compensate the tremolo movement. Proven and tuning stable vibrato unit. The shape of the guitar resembles the Fender Jazz Bass.

Electric system:
Three humbucker "Staples" pickups, by far the best in the series and worth a small fortune on their own.  Each can be activated individually by a slide switch, resulting in seven different combinations. And each with its own tone control by knurled wheel. A volume control, a tone selector switch for changing the timbre, effective for each pick-up circuit, and a rhythm-solo switch. This results in practically infinite tone control possibilities.

Instruments history:
Unknown. But this guitar is a player that has certainly been played countless hours during its life so far. We don't know why, but at some point the lower end of the pickguard broke and was repaired. Otherwise, the guitar was certainly always treated with care. In addition, it shows once again that the artificial leather surface is practically insensitive and hardly takes on any traces of playing. Wherever, this 176 was a workhorse, but in good hands.

Restoration work:
When we took it over, the guitar was in good, but heavily played condition and quite dirty. The electrics were completely defective, no more sound came out. We left this task to the Munich guitar electrics guru Helmuth Lemme. He had to rewind two of the three pickups, rewire and solder everything properly and eliminate various short circuits and regulator faults. But now the electrics are better than new! Of course, we cleaned the guitar extensively, polished the vinyl surface, stripped and oiled the fingerboard and polished the fretsticks. All the hardware was cleaned and polished. We replaced a missing strap button with an original. Finally, new strings were mounted and a setup was performed.

Current condition:
This 176 is - not least because of the extremely low string action - a player with modern playability and resilience. On the one hand, the sound is typical of the sixties and the beat era, but on the other hand, it is also very flexible. From jazz to rockabilly to metal, everything goes here. It has certainly been played a lot, and it is astonishing that it has only suffered two blemishes: Some tiny scratches on the headstock and the repaired pickguard end. Everything else is in top condition, 100% original and makes the guitar look almost unused. The neck is dead straight, fretboard and fretsticks flawless. The string spacing is perfectly low and without buzzing. Everything is stable and works perfectly. Thanks to Helmuth's super job, the electrics work perfectly and without any buzzing or disturbing noises. From show instrument for the stage to real player to authentic collector's item - this guitar fulfils all wishes. And we would leave any new Far East series product at a comparable price for it without hesitation - more spirit and mojo is not possible.

Overall length 39”/99 cm, body length 19.3”/49 cm, lower bout width 13.4”/34 cm, waist width 8.7”/22 cm, upper bout width 11”/28 cm; body depth 1.4”/3,5 cm, scale length 25.2”/64 cm (nut to saddle), fingerboard width 1.7”/4,3 cm at nut, 2”/5,1 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 3.550 g, string action on 12th fret 0.04-0.08”/1-2 mm (adjustable).

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