August Neubauer, unique piece, 1955

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Instrument: August is the most unknown and underestimated guitar maker of the Neubauer... more
August Neubauer, unique piece, 1955

August is the most unknown and underestimated guitar maker of the Neubauer dynasty. Together with his brother Anton, he founded the Neubauer workshop in Bubenreuth in 1955. Before that, both worked for Arnold Hoyer. Our guitar is probably one of the very first from the new workshop. It has a very wide fingerboard by the standards of the time and compared to other archtops, so we assume that it was built as a one-off on customer order.

The guitar is made almost entirely of maple (body and neck) in the best violin makers tradition. The fingerboard is made of beautifully figured rosewood, the bridge of black stained pearwood. Open brass tuners and beautiful solid tailpiece by ABM-Müller. Extensive bindings around body, soundholes and neck. Pickguard and fingerboard inlays of creamy white pearloid, two-tone black and white celluloid headstock overlay.

Instruments history:
Unknown. We found the guitar well packed in the storage room of a small music store, it was quite tinkered with and not complete. One had probably taken it in payment once decades ago.

Restoration work:
All lacquer surfaces were cleaned and elaborately bale-polished, the body was blown out and freed from decades-old dust. The fingerboard was sanded and oiled, the frets were polished. The tuners, which were completely tarnished black, were disassembled, cleaned, polished and re-oiled. We could reinstall the typical black Neubauer plastic bushings as they have been. We replaced the missing pickguard with a matching new old stock part from the early sixties. The completely unsuitable cast bridge was disposed of and instead a beautiful and rare bridge made by ABM-Müller, built around 1960, was installed from our Kirschnek stock. Finally, there were new 11 gauge pyramid strings and a basic setup.

Current condition:
After the overhaul, the guitar now looks beautiful and high quality again. The finish of the top is reminiscent of old Gibson archtops, the visual appearance is coherent and elegant, the white accents fit perfectly. Considering the age of almost seventy years, the guitar is almost untouched. A handful of small quirks on the lower side, some completely harmless lacquer cracks and a few tiny resolvent "noses" on the back of the neck - that's it. The low E string has some dead notes above the 10th fret. But since only very few players touch there at all (especially without a cutaway!), we refrained from a full neck overhaul. Due to its very wide fingerboard with 4.8 cm at the zero fret, this beautiful Neubauer is a wonderful opportunity for beginners anyway and thus the area of the high E above the 10th fret should not be of interest. All other strings play faultlessly, frets and fingerboard are flawless. The sound is full, powerful and balanced, with lots of wood and bass, very broad for an archtop. This could also make it a great guitar for fingerpickers. A very rare specimen anyway, this is a one of a kind guitar.

Overall length 106 cm/41.7”; body length 52 cm/20.5”; lower bout width 41,5 cm/16.3”; waist width 26,5 cm/10.4”; upper bout width 30,5 cm/12”; body depth 8 cm/3.1”; scale length 64,5 cm/25.4” (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 4,8 cm/1.9” at zero fret, 5,8 cm/2.3” at 12th fret; overall weight 2.170 g; string action on 12th fret 3 mm/0.12” (adjustable).

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