Rodebald Hoyer Samba/Rumba, 17“, 1960

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Instrument: The Rodebald Hoyer "Samba" and "Rumba" models were among the better German... more
Rodebald Hoyer Samba/Rumba, 17“, 1960

The Rodebald Hoyer "Samba" and "Rumba" models were among the better German archtops at the time. Our guitar is probably a hybrid of the two, as it has the more elaborate decorations of the Samba, but the mahogany veneer top and back of the Rumba. It is likely that after the massive fire at the workshop in late 1957, model specifications could not be consistently met for an extended period of time due to scarce materials, resulting in hybrids such as this. High quality, solid, a 17" classic in elegant black painted Tuxedo style. Not cheap at the time, of course, and rather rare to find today compared to the more common Blues and Bolero models. Our model has two stamps 7_1 60 in the body, so it was made right at the beginning of the sixties on 7.1.1960. A very typical representative of Rodebald Hoyer's high quality work.

Laminated model, mahogany and maple back and top, maple sides. Three-piece laminated maple neck, incl. headstock made of one piece throughout. Rosewood fingerboard with five cream white and one typical red celluloid inlay. White headstock with three black celluloid stripes. Matching creme-white celluloid pickguard. Bridge made of black stained pearwood, open brass tuners, solid ABM-Müller tailpiece.

Instruments history:
Unknown. The guitar was for some time with a German collector who had collected an incredible variety of guitars more randomly than purposefully over several decades. We took it over in 2018 as part of a larger collection. It must have been played endlessly. On the one hand, the many traces of play testify to this, but also the incomparably beautiful sound. The tailpiece was completely rusted and no longer usable, but otherwise the condition was good and all parts were present.

Restoration work:
Complete cleaning, all lacquer surfaces carefully polished, various quirks and scuffs retouched. The body was blown out. Fingerboard sanded and oiled, frets polished. From our stock we have added an exactly identical tailpiece from the early sixties in place of the rusted original. The neck was probably once additionally fixed with two metal dowels, it sits perfectly and bombproof, so we left it that way. Finally, new strings were put on and a setup was performed.

Current condition:
This beautiful black Rodebald Hoyer is a timeless classic. The guitar is in top condition, technically perfect and visually equipped with lots of wonderful patina, wonderfully crackled varnish and countless traces of playing. All of it, of course, completely sound in substance. The love and enthusiasm of the builder is tangible in every detail! Above all, however, is the convincing sound! Rodebald Hoyer's archtops are known for their top sound anyway, this one easily plays in the upper third of all those known to us. Here you can clearly see how a guitar can develop when it is played a lot over decades. Everything is 100% stable, all glue joints are bombproof. The playability is excellent, pleasantly low, modern string action, easily adjustable by bridge screws in both directions. The guitar is of course odorless and clean. The tuners are like new and absolutely tuning stable. The neck is straight as a die due to the fourfold gluing including the fingerboard, no steel rod is needed here. In this condition a player for demanding connoisseurs, but also first choice for collectors!

Overall length 42.5”/108 cm, body length 20.9”/53 cm, lower bout width 16.9”/43 cm, waist width 11”/28 cm, upper bout width 12.6”/32 cm; body depth 3.1”/8 cm; scale length 25.4”/64,5 cm (zero fret to saddle), fingerboard width 1.7”/4,3 cm at nut, 2”/5 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.280 g, string action on 12th fret 0.08”/2 mm (adjustable).

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