Framus 5/72 Black Rose de Luxe, 1953

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Instrument: A Framus Black Rose de Luxe, model 5/72, built in 1953, one of the first from... more
Product information Framus 5/72 Black Rose de Luxe, 1953

A Framus Black Rose de Luxe, model 5/72, built in 1953, one of the first from Bubenreuth. Like all early Black Rose models, this one was built completely by hand, including the hand shaped top and back. The extravagant coloring with the red details is extremely rare, but completely original and was only made like this on some of the early examples. Legendary instruments such as these established the later success of the Framus company. And the model name then became the name for the typical black and red varnish: Black Rose.

The entire instrument is extremely elaborate! Heavy, thick top made of solid spruce, handshaped with a recurve around the edges. The handshaped back and sides are also solid, here made of maple. Over 2,5 kg total weight speaks for itself. The nine-piece neck is made of maple with mahogany veneer stripes in the middle. The fingerboard is made of rosewood and has five celluloid inlays, set off in red on the 12th fret. All around thick, partly multilayered bindings, as a special extravangance around neck and headstock made of red celluloid. A cream-white headstock face and a cream-white pickguard match. Attention: The red decorative strip around the pickguard is not just color, but a binding! The tuners' handles and axles were painted red by hand, they are open and elaborately chiselled by hand. Massive high-quality ABM-Müller tailpiece.

Instruments history:
Unfortunately, nothing is known about the history of the guitar, except the original music store in Rheydt: We left the metal plate of the store on the headstock. After the death of the last owner, who had no family, the Framus was found in the closet by the public clearing out man, who then offered it to us. We got it with heavily worn frets, an unsuitable US metal bridge from the nineties and without strap pin. In addition, one of the six tuning pegs was replaced by a new one in white.

Restoration work:
The guitar was disassembled and all parts were refurbished. A complete and elaborate cleaning removed 70 years old dust and dirt, also the interior was blown out. We preserved the beautiful patina of the varnish and all varnish surfaces were painstakingly ball-polished in several passes. The fingerboard was stripped and oiled, the frets were completely renewed - unfortunately there was nothing left to save. The beautiful and perfectly preserved tuners were reconditioned and oiled. Instead of the white simple one we painted and installed a now red, matching butterfly grip. The US bridge was replaced by a Framus bridge from the sixties made of black stained pearwood, and a matching strap button was installed. A set of new Pyramid bronze strings and a setup have completed the refurbishment. All in all, there was not much to do for an almost seventy year old guitar.

Current condition:
Above all else, this Black Rose is of course an absolute rarity and a first-class collector's item. In the early days of Framus, such masterfully crafted instruments established the company's success story and later world fame. The beautiful Black Rose is now once again a feast for the eyes! The old nitrocellulose lacquer has a real and authentic patina, in many places it cracks beautifully and lightly, plus a few tiny scratches and traces of playing. The red part of the once black-red paint has faded and turned into a unique and beautiful cognac tone. Wonderful sound, as you only get it from old and well-rehearsed woods. Full volume and very assertive with fast response. All built heavy and solid, all glued joints stable and sturdy. The playability is excellent with a pleasant, very flat string action and a modern neck profile. Even with thick strings 100% stable due to the total of 10 layers of wood on the neck. The guitar is 100% odorless and clean. The tuners are smooth-running and tuning stable, the nylon axles are intact as on the first day. In this condition it is an instrument with modern playability and durability, but as already mentioned it is a real collector's item and a safe investment.

Overall length 41.7”/106 cm; body length 21.3”/54 cm; lower bout width 16.5”/42 cm; waist width 10.2”/26 cm; upper bout width 12”/30,5 cm; body depth 3.3”/8,5 cm; massive spruce top 0.27”/7 mm thick; scale length 24.4”/62 cm (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 1.6”/4,1 cm at nut, 2”/5,1 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 2.580 g; string action on 12th fret 0,08”/2 mm (easily adjustable in both directions).

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