Framus mandolin 6/47 Texas, 1958

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Instrument: Framus 6/47 "Texas" from July 1958 (punch G 58). In this guitar shape, mandolins... more
Framus mandolin 6/47 Texas, 1958

Framus 6/47 "Texas" from July 1958 (punch G 58). In this guitar shape, mandolins were also offered as jazz mandolins at that time. In the fifties and sixties they were quite a sales success, there were many mandolin orchestras, but sales dropped massively at the beginning of the seventies and so Framus stopped mandolin manufacturing completely in 1975. So our Texas dates back to the early years of the boom. Somewhat confusing is the fact that Framus also sold mandolins named Graciella and Gypsy under the model abbreviation 6/47, but this happens more often at Framus, why, we do not know.

Everything here is very high quality executed: Solid maple top, sides and back, creamy white bindings around body and sound holes. One piece solid maple neck with black stained pear fingerboard and an ebony bridge. Top and back are nicely arched. Solid nickel-plated tailpiece, archtop-shaped pickguard, open brass tuners with white plastic grips.

Instruments history:
Unknown. We were offered it by a private middleman and gladly grabbed it. However, this instrument must have spent its entire life well packed and sheltered in a dark closet or similar, because all varnish surfaces are perfect and there are no playing marks. There are also virtually no plectrum marks on the pickguard.

Restoration work:
None. Just a complete cleaning and polishing of all lacquer surfaces, and light refurbishing and polishing of the fretsticks, the fingerboard was oiled. We blew out the body, cleaned and re-oiled the tuners. Of course, a set of new strings (Pyramid ball ends, silver plated) was mounted and a basic setup was done.

Current condition:
A Texas is hard to find anyway, in this as-new condition it should indeed be unique. The finish is beautifully done and the varnish is like new and without cracks. The hardware is perfect, only one tuner turns a bit hard, a string crank would be helpful. The after all 64 years old Texas comes along like out of a time capsule - unbelievable! Thanks to the low string action, the little one is very easy to play. Of course, the narrow mandolin fingerboard is not very suitable for thick fingers. The sound is beautifully bright, silvery, cleanly accented and long lasting - a mandolin can't sound better. A wonderful, one-of-a-kind collector's item, but also a great player to have fun with on a daily basis. Just be sure to preserve this top condition.

Overall length 26”/66 cm; body length 13”/33 cm; lower bout width 10.4”/26,5 cm; waist width 6.3”/16 cm; upper bout width 7.5”/19 cm; body depth 2.2”/5,5 cm; scale length 13.6”/34,5 cm (zero fret to saddle); fingerboard width 1.1”/2,8 cm at zero fret, 1.5”/3,8 cm at 12th fret; overall weight 760 g; string action on 12th fret 0.08”/2 mm (adjustable).

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