Purchase by us

Do you want to sell one or several items to us?

Generally we're always interested to purchase instrumentes from private owners. These should come from German production and be at least 30 years old. No matter if single pieces, collections, estates, heritages, attic finds, in need of repair or mint condition - don't hesitate to offer what you have. The procedure is as follows:

Your offer
Send us some good quality pictures of the item you want to sell. Also give us some details about the overall condition, history, serious wear and problems or damages. Finally tell us your price idea. Send all this via email to info@german-vintage-guitar.com. If your offer is interesting for us, we agree on a final price.

Shipping to us
Now you send the instrument - well packed - to German Vintage Guitar,  Strassburger Str. 26, D-64832 Babenhausen, Germany

Condition check and payment
Soon as the parcel arrived, we check the instrument carefully and evaluate it. If the condition is as described before and there are no further massive damages, we pay the agreed price immediately via paypal or SWIFT direct bank transfer.

Unknown damages
Should we stumble upon massive damages or wear, not described before, we come up with a reduced purchase offer. If there is no agreement on this base, we ship the instrument back immediately and cost free for you.

Please note that as a vendor/seller you should always present with a price idea. As a matter of principle, we never make offers to buy without first knowing the seller's idea. Also we do not give any value appraisals from a distance.