Purchase & delivery process

What is the routine when you want to buy something from us?

  1. You would like to purchase an instrument from us.

  2. Please understand that our stated prices are fixed and not a basis for negotiation.

  3. Reservations of instruments from the offers section or further storage with us for more than a few days are not possible, even with full payment. After order and payment we ship immediately.

  4. Due to negative experiences, we no longer accept multiple orders for guitars from first-time buyers, i.e. new customers. This does not apply to parts and small products. If a trustful cooperation exists later on, we are of course happy about the purchase of several instruments as well.

  5. You can either order 24/365 directly in the webshop or contact us in advance by e-mail, e.g. if you still have questions or would like a recommendation. We always try to answer immediately.

  6. When you place a webshop order, you will immediately receive an automated invoice from our shopsystem. The instrument will be blocked for other buyers at that moment.

  7. If you make your purchase with us by e-mail, we will send you your invoice by e-mail. Also in this case we block the instrument immediately for other buyers.

  8. If you don't receive an invoice, have a look in your spam folder, it happens from time to time that we end up there if you have set a high security level.

  9. Now you pay the invoice. You can either do this by bank transfer (BIC/SWIFT and IBAN) or pay with PayPal. Since PayPal charges fees to us, we are happy if you prefer the payment method bank transfer. Please understand that we do not accept credit cards due to the fees.

  10. As soon as we receive your payment, we will confirm this by e-mail.

  11. Then, we will pack and ship your instrument, usually this will be the next business day at the latest. Should this ever be delayed, we will inform you.

  12. We use very sturdy, mostly double guitar boxes and pack the guitar inside well padded in bubble wrap and other materials suitable for this purpose. Important: No guitar case is necessary for safe worldwide shipping!

  13. We usually ship with DHL or DHL international, this always includes tracking.

  14. The goods are always insured sufficiently high.

  15. You will always receive a shipping confirmation on the day, we drop your parcel at our local post office. This includes the shipping documents, the tracking number and the customs documents if necessary (only for shipments to countries outside the European Union).

  16. We will provide your e-mail address when we create the shipping documents, so you will receive information about your shipment directly from DHL in parallel. Please let us know if you do not wish to receive this information directly from DHL. DHL will use your e-mail address only in the context of this single shipping process and excludes any other use.

  17. We monitor every shipping process for you on a daily basis. If any peculiarity appears, we will inform you immediately. E.g., if your local shipping service provider has not met you and the shipment has been deposited at your post office for you to pick up.

  18. We guarantee that we will provide safe packaging and reliable and transparent handling, and do everything within our control to ensure that your instrument reaches you quickly and safely.

  19. If you have any further questions about the process, please feel free to contact us at info@german-vintage-guitar.com.