Reservation, storage, modifications

Section: Instruments for sale

  1. Instruments that are available with price in our offers section can be ordered, but not reserved for a further period.

  2. Also, storage with us for more than a few days after purchase is not possible, even with full payment.

Section: Coming soon

  1. All instruments from this section can be reserved in advance for a deposit of 30% of the later selling price.

  2. The restoration of pre-reserved instruments will be brought forward and carried out as soon as possible.

  3. To do this, write us an e-mail to and we will tell you the later sales price, your deposit amount and an expected availability date.

  4. If you agree to this, you will receive an advance invoice.

  5. After receipt of the deposit payment on our account, you hold the option to buy the instrument.

  6. Immediately after completion and finalisation of the restoration, we will send you a complete set of pictures of the final condition as well as the final invoice.

  7. If you finally want to purchase, you pay the remaining invoice amout and the instrument will be shipped immediately after receipt of payment.

  8. If you decide not to buy the instrument, we will immediately refund the deposit, minus a handling fee of 50 €.

  9. The instrument will then be offered in our webshop.

Specification of reserved guitars:

  1. Upon request, we will carry out modifications to pre-reserved instruments to a limited extent in accordance with the customer's wishes. This mainly includes fitting guitars with pickups.

  2. In this case, the two-week cancellation period for online purchases does not apply.

  3. For a cancellation of the purchase by the customer before delivery, a processing fee of € 100 plus 50% of the material costs incurred will be charged and subtracted from the deposit to be refunded.