Value appraisal

How much is my guitar worth? And for how much can I sell it?

We are often asked to estimate the current value or sales potential of instruments. We ask for your understanding that we do not want to do this in principle. Firstly, we would have to be able to inspect the instrument on site for a well-founded assessment, which is not possible on the basis of pictures. Secondly, the exact knowledge of possible sales prices is company know-how, gained over many years, which is confidential and cannot simply be passed on by us.

Valuation report

We would be happy to provide you with a comprehensive and professional expertise on the condition of your instrument, its current market value and historical details, as far as they are available to us or can be researched. Something like this makes sense if you own a very expensive instrument which you want to sell or insure, for example. Or if you need to reliably document the value for a specific purpose, e.g. estate settlement or last will and testament. For this we need the instrument after previous appointment 2-3 days here with us on site. For such an expertise we charge 199,00 €, payable in advance.

As a precautionary measure and for the sake of good order, we hereby prohibit the use of our name as a price reference when selling instruments on any kind of sales platforms, announcements or the equivalent, unless we have prepared a professional expertise on your behalf, as described above.